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Little BoxBetter Odds

The puzzle pictured is made of 1/8" plywood. The entire box was finished with a coat of clear lacquer.


Pencil Case

This could be a useful box, because it really can hold pens and pencils. The lid has a lock at each end, and the box has a lock at each end, but the locks on the lid are independent of the box. Even so, all four locks must be opened to slide the lid off. The locks on the box must be opened by the correct end first: opening the wrong lock first means you can’t open the other end. The same applies to the lid. If this sounds too complicated, you can make the lid without it’s locks, and the box would still work. Eight moves to open the box locks, and six moves to open the lid locks. The size of the box is 8-1/2” by 3-1/4” by 2-3/8” and is made from 1/8" wood and plywood.

This BH puzzle kit has alignment pegs built into the parts to make assembly easier and virtually every part in the kit is labeled.

Photo Assembly instructions for this kit available soon.



Pencil Case