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The puzzle pictured is made of 1/8" plywood for the inner box and 1/8" Walnut for the outer faces. The entire box was finished with a coat of clear lacquer.

Money Box

You may have seen the advert on TV, where a little girl is given a puzzle box with a coin inside, by her grandpa. She can't get the coin out, so she takes it to her dad. He can't open the box either, so she goes back to grandpa. He shows her how to open the box.

Is this that box?
It looks the same, and opens the same way, so it could be...
Very easy to make, not so easy to open, even if you've seen the TV advert. Only four moves to open the box.

Size of this box is 3" by 3" by 3" and is made from 1/8" wood and plywood.

This puzzle kit has alignment pegs built into the parts to make assembly easier and virtually every part in the kit is labeled.

Sample Photo Assembly instructions


Money Box
Hardwood Selection (when hardwood kit is purchased)