BH Pen & Laser Crafts


The puzzle pictured is made of 1/8" plywood for the inner box and 1/8" walnut for the outer box and 1/8" cherry for the sliders. The entire box was finished with a coat of clear lacquer.




This is another “sliding panel” puzzle box, where only one panel will move to start with. That will leave a slight gap at one end, which seems to indicate which is the next panel to be moved.
But that next panel won’t move.
The next panel to be moved doesn’t seem to have any relationship to the first panel. How odd...
And so it goes on, right round the box, and do the same thing again, until after twelve moves, the lid will come off.
Size of this box is 4-1/2” by 3-1/2” by 3” and is made from 1/8” wood and plywood.

This puzzle kit has alignment pegs built into the parts to make assembly easier and virtually every part in the kit is labeled.


Hardwood Selection for Outer Box(when hardwood kit is purchased)
Hardwood for Sliders (when hardwood kit is purchased)