BH Pen & Laser Crafts


The puzzle pictured is made of 1/8" plywood for the box, 1/8" mahogany for the corner sliders and 1/8" ash for the cross sliders. The entire box was finished with a coat of clear lacquer.


A box with no moving panels on sides, just four pointers inside four squares.
Nothing will push or turn, but they have to move in order to get the lid off.
Not very difficult to make, just a few precise cuts here and there.

The size of this box is 4" by 4" by 3-1/4" and is made from 1/8" wood and plywood.

This puzzle kit has alignment pegs built into the parts to make assembly easier and virtually every part in the kit is labeled.


Hardwood Selection (when hardwood kit is purchased)
Cross Slider Hardwood
Corner Slider Hardwood