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Byte BoxByte Box

The puzzle pictured is made of 1/8" plywood for the inner box and 1/8" mahogany for the outer faces. The entire box was finished with a coat of clear lacquer.


Byte Box


The only moving panel on this box is the lid, which is held shut by eight sliders, all neatly arranged in one row. These sliders can be slid to one side or the other, but there are no halfway points: they're either "on" or "off", as it were.  If all the sliders were locking the lid, it would be easy to open, just move them all, and the lid would be released.
If just ONE slider was holding the lid, that would be easy, too,  just try each one in turn, until the lid slides off.  But there's only SOME of the sliders locking the lid, and you can't tell which ones, or how many. To make it worse, there's a number showing on each side of the box, and this number is actually the solution to opening the lid!

Size is 5" by 3" by 2-1/2", and is made from 1/8” wood and plywood.

This puzzle kit has alignment pegs built into the parts to make assembly easier and virtually every part in the kit is labeled.



Byte Box
Hardwood Selection (when hardwood kit is purchased)